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As I have been writing this and other blogs of late, I have begun to wonder what blogs would have been like if I would have had the opportunity or inspiration to write in my younger years.

“I went to this punk show where everybody was moshing and stage diving.”

“I met this awsome girl; she has so much in common with me.”

“Dude I went to this killer show last night, they did a twenty minute jam into a thirty minute one. I did this and that and had the best time since the night before.”

“I screwed up now I’m going to jail.”

“We played this gig last night for a thousand kids, having the best time. It was the biggest stage we played at since the night before.”

I think to myself how much my life has slowed down in the past two years as it has almost come to a screeching halt, and I’m just waiting at that red light, waiting for it to turn green again so I can speed off into the sunset. I can feel the light turning green, I feel a change coming and the anticipation is peaking. I know that in a short time something really cool is going to happen I just haven’t quite figured out what.

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